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Gen Alpha Collection

Covalent - Newlight

Above: The Penrose Clutch, designed with a patented hand strap to wristlet feature.

Covalent, inspired by a Covalent Bond, is the first climate positive brand to offer Carbon negative products. Made possible through the development of Newlight Technologies' AirCarbon, which sequesters greenhouse gases to create plastic, resin, and leather replacements, Covalent products' Carbon negativity is verified through third party lifecycle analysis and tracked by IBM-built blockchain. This collection marked the first use of NFTs for each of the manufactured products. The minimal and functional design of the bags, wallets, accessories, and eyewear were developed to inspire Generation Alpha (those born between 2010 - 2025) to expect more from sustainable fashion.

Photo @DanielCollopy Model @IndustryModels

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