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Hi, I’m Yotam

a California based fashion designer, specializing in fully renewable and cradle-to-cradle (C2C) innovation in apparel and footwear. Since 2007 when I launched my first brand, I have dedicated my career to the advancement of eco-friendly fashion through the use of innovative material technology.


After the 2010 BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I designed the Oil Spill collection to not only raise awareness of the travesty but also funds for the clean-up effort. In subsequent collections, I have spotlighted other cultural and ecological issues about which I am passionate such as prescription drug abuse, oceanic preservation, and climate change.


In addition to my solo endeavors, I have guided established brands, start-up companies, and research and development (R&D) companies to identify and achieve target goals. Through direct work with mass manufacturers and smaller production houses, I have initiated new material innovation R&D projects to eliminate toxic chemicals used throughout the global fashion industry. I am humbled by the recognition I have received in international media for my design work and commitment to environmental causes.

Currently, I am the creative director of COVALENT, the first Carbon-negative and regenerative fashion brand, responsible for designing and developing bags, accessories, and eyewear products made with AirCarbon®, a PHB material that occurs naturally in almost all known life on Earth, from microorganisms and trees to the human body.

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