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Virtue Launch Collection

Founded in 2023 to support diverse, sex-positive communities by celebrating individuality, duality, and personal truth. With a central focus on nurturing community inclusivity, Virtue delivers products engineered for adaptability, with an emphasis on comfort and impeccable fit, empowering individuals to freely express their sensuality and sexuality. As part of its ethos, Virtue employs sustainable manufacturing and implements best practices, ensuring its operations are eco-optimized and certified, thereby ensuring that its offerings serve both humanity and our shared home, Earth.

Photo Noah Hilsenrad Models Karma Lee, Sophie McCormick, Benn Xavi, Azalea La Paris, 


Unclaimed Beauty

This collection invovled extensive photographic resrach 

I've decided to use white throughout the collection, to reflect the white created by bacteria that resulted from the devastating mix of ocean water and oil. My hope was to find beauty in the tragedy, to raise awareness and funds.

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