Yotam Solomon guides established brands, start-up brands, and research and development (R&D) companies to identify and achieve target goals. Yotam’s consulting program offers a robust evaluation, direct management, and problem-solving services using a unique and independent approach that is dedicated to the success of each client. As an expert consultant, Yotam has worked with dozens of brands and start-ups including companies such as LVMH, Nike, and Victoria Beckham on designing women's and men's wear among other product development projects. Specialty services include:


  • Identifying efficiencies

  • Innovating product development

  • Realizing financial goals

  • Ghost designing



Established Brands


Sustaining growth while expanding a fashion business is an extraordinary challenge. Successful management is the most crucial element. In many cases, it takes an unbiased outside perspective to realize hidden revenue streams, innovate product development, and utilize better resources. Yotam advises management teams to resolve essential growth obstacles. Navigating through change is difficult and may become impossible without understanding how each department affects the entire company and how consumer feedback directly corresponds to each of your team members. Yotam creates powerful evaluations to determine better practices for creative development, product development, technology, and sustainability.



Startup Brands

Only 80% of designers and new brands fail within the first two years, which makes building a fashion business a challenge. With over a decade of experience, Yotam guides companies to success by providing expert advice for product development, sourcing, distribution, management, fundraising, sales, and sustainability innovation. Yotam enables brands to gain direct wholesale buyer feedback, pre-plan production cycles, and secure reorders. In order to best perfect your product line and reduce overhead costs, Yotam will help your brand realize who your true demographic customer is. Planning for longevity is key!



R&D Companies


Creating cutting-edge technology depends on proper scientific partnerships, expert legal advice, and sufficient funding. Material innovation, low-impact processing methods, and emission reductions are essential development efforts that big corporations and manufacturing companies seek. Yotam guides R&D companies to evaluate metrics for industry demand, measure plug & play opportunities, usher strategic partnerships, and facilitate licensing projects. Solving the design and performing metrics is only the first step to decode a robust equation that requires environmental regulation compliance, consumer demand benefits, and cradle-to-cradle certification.



Yotam primarily works with companies based in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco; but consults internationally. All consultation projects are initiated with a 2-hour brand analysis session to create a successful evaluation. Creating a successful fashion brand is a difficult task, companies must be on-trend without being too early or too late. Companies must gain proper distribution channels and sustain wholesale accounts while never failing to deliver quality goods on time. Companies must be versatile and adaptive to an ever-changing industry by always improving products and embracing change. In order to create and develop a successful company, the management team must understand how to properly achieve milestones and sufficiently fundraise investment. Yotam's experience and expertise guides companies with ghost designing and assists with accomplishing these important objectives.

Initial Overview
  1. Business plan drafting

  2. Mission statement

  3. Target demographic

  4. Overall projections

Product Development
  1. Design development

  2. Product innovation

  3. Merchandising review

  4. Tech packs and 3D

 Distribution & Sales 
  1. Costing and pricing

  2. Competition analysis​

  3. Distribution planning

  4. Sales campaign​

  1. Sourcing management

  2. Volume planning

  3. Cost negotiations

  4. Pre-production​

  1. Cash flow and funding

  2. Financial projections

  3. Calendar planning

  4. Market evaluations

Branding & Marketing
  1. Brand identity analysis

  2. Marketing strategy

  3. Public relations plan

  4. SEO

Entry to Market
  1. Line sheet concept

  2. Photoshoot direction 

  3. Look-book editing

  4. Website & logo design

  1. Planning product range

  2. Sales and stock plan

  3. Customer analysis

  4. Promotion & evaluations

  1. Sustainable review

  2. Product development

  3. Sourcing and production

  4. C2C certification

Business Development
  1. Structure & optimization

  2. Efficiency analysis

  3. Licensing development

  4. Production management

Market Insight
  1. Organize focus groups

  2. Gain customer feedback

  3. Initiate buyer relations

  4. Branding & customization

Exit Strategy
  1. Strategic placement

  2. Logistics evaluation

  3. ROI documentation

  4. Investor relations



Yotam Solomon is a New York based fashion designer and product development consultant, specializing in fully renewable and cradle-to-cradle (C2C) innovation in apparel and footwear. Yotam founded his own successful brand in 2007, inspired by nature and cultural issues. After the 2010 BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Yotam designed the Oil Spill collection to raise awareness and funds for the clean-up. In 2014, he designed a collection based on the relationship between prescription drugs and their effect on our DNA in order to raise awareness of drug abuse. By working directly with mass manufacturers and smaller production houses, Yotam initiated new material innovation research and development projects to eliminate toxic chemicals used in fashion and reduce the immense pollution caused by the industry globally.












After the acquisition of the YOTAM SOLOMON name-sake brand, Yotam has decided to utilize his expertise to help other corporations and start-up companies reach their business goals. 


Yotam specializes in casual, custom, and conceptual fashion product development. As an experienced designer and product developer, Yotam is offering his consulting services for contemporary and luxury brands.


  • Ready-to-wear

  • Outerwear

  • Evening wear

  • Footwear

  • Accessories


Yotam’s approach to fashion design is focused on empowering and supporting people, building local economies, and preserving our natural resources. He evaluates how best to optimize metrics for companies on domestic and international sourcing, production methods, and distribution resources, ultimately leading to increased success.




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