Yotam Solomon is a California based fashion designer, specializing in fully renewable and cradle-to-cradle (C2C) innovation in apparel and footwear. Yotam has dedicated his career to the advancement of eco-friendly fashion through the use of innovative material technology. Yotam founded his own successful brand in 2007, inspired by nature and cultural issues. After the 2010 BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Yotam designed the Oil Spill collection to raise awareness and funds for the clean-up. In 2014, he designed a collection based on the relationship between prescription drugs and their effect on our DNA in order to raise awareness of drug abuse. 


By working directly with mass manufacturers and smaller production houses, Yotam initiated new material innovation research and development projects to eliminate toxic chemicals used in fashion and reduce the immense pollution caused by the industry globally. Yotam has been recognized in international media for his design work and commitment to environmental causes. Through his work, Yotam has been guiding established brands, start-up companies, and research and development (R&D) companies to identify and achieve target goals.


Currently, Yotam is the creative director of COVALENT, the first Carbon-negative and regenerative fashion brand. Designing Bags, Wallets, Device Cases, and eyewear products that are made with AirCarbon®, a PHB material that is made naturally in almost all known life on Earth, from microorganisms and trees to the human body.













Yotam’s approach to fashion design is focused on empowering and supporting people, building local economies, and preserving our natural resources. He evaluates how best to optimize metrics for companies on domestic and international sourcing, production methods, and distribution resources, ultimately leading to increased success.




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